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"Inspiration to build the web."

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Web Services

Let's use our ation.

Get it? It took us a while too, but it has grown on us over the last seven years. In 2007 Emajen was just an idea, the idea that there are endless possibilities in this big world and we're staying through and through with what we imagine.
  • Creative Website Design
  • Website & Email Hosting
  • Domain Names and Registration

Inspired Creative Website Design

Websites are a dime a dozen...

It isn't hard to come by someone who can design a website. TV, the Internet and from people we know, there's more than ten ways to get a web page on the internet. The only way to design is with inspiration.

Personalized Website & Email Hosting

Who do you bank on to host your website and email?

There are thousands of hosting & email service providers to chose from. How do you know who's service will benefit you the most vs. cost vs. time involved if, heaven forbid, your website or email stop working?

We host you by name.

Client relationships work because we're local guys and gals building the web one inspired site at a time. 99% of our client base comes from right in our back yard. A small company, we can relate to small business owners and prefer handshakes to faceless nameless customer service any day.

Web Design & Development Blog

Staying up too late. Staying up to date.

We all have those moments of anxiety when something sparks our interest or curiosity. The same is true with small business owners. Keeping with the pace in a quickly changing environment is a challenge for anyone. Web based "Social Media" is one environment that is constantly changing. Social networking is business just as much as it is personal.

Working with our clients to improve social networking capability keeps us busy all night some nights.

Designed by inspired minds.

Professional graphics and copy to spec at your domain name. We have the experience, knowledge, and understanding to support your business on the web. Bring your dream concept for your website to us for a carefully crafted design that will create excitement, generate revenue, and contribute to your business success.

Host boxes, data centers and servers, oh my!

Don't worry about it. We're only a phone call or email from solving any technical problem you may experience with your website, email and domain name. Between our service vendors, partnerships and contractors we support many web services and maintain them. Collectively our network has hundreds employed or contracted for work related to our client projects and services.

Success at your fingertips.

Blogging and website software, content automation, social bookmarking and sharing, search engine how-to and all the information to improve your business presence online with Google, Yahoo and Bing. Social networking tools and coaching to keep you on your toes with blogging, Facebooking, Tweeting, Linking, Plus... Well just plus, you'll get the hang of it.
  • Google Search Enchancements & Reports
  • Social Networking Tips & Tricks
  • Blogging from Home or on the Go
  • Social Media 101 & Who's Who
  • Email Lists & Marketing

How can we help you succeed?

We're around and work remotely but our client base is served between four primary locale. Southern Ohio / Tri-State Region - Central Kentucky - Northern & Middle Tennessee
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