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2011 Security Update

As we get larger and our servers grow, our public IP addresses which serve your domain and website become more visible to the likes of pesky hackers.

With expansion and tieing many web properties to public IP addresses our servers become the target of hacking attempts. In fact several of our websites have been compromised over the last 6 months causing site interruption and minimal downtime.

We experienced 3 major outtages in that time which were resolved within a few hours. Despite tackling the root causes of these attacks we were forced to hire Sucuri Security. Here’s a little more about them http://sucuri.net/about

"Sucuri Security is the leading provider of web-based integrity monitoring and malware detection solutions – delivered as a service. Sucuri solutions are deployed remotely in a matter of minutes anywhere in the world, allowing our customers to immediately detect and remove web-based malware and monitor their internet presence. Sucuri’s web monitoring solution is used today by more than 18,000 sites worldwide."

The attacks made were to force inject bad sfuff onto our public websites and applications. Phishing, Malware and Spam – these were the prefered bag of tricks the hackers used.

Updating all our software, plugins, extensions, and cleaning the infected files on each server with an upgrade to daily, active scanning of all properties is our response to the problem.

Read more about this upgrade and how it affects your service.

Our 2011 upgrade on your sever completed without issue – here are a few details:

  • We’ve changed FTP passwords and removed obsolete logins.
  • We added your site to a simple script updater so every new update for your website is queued for us to run automatically.
  • We setup active scanning every 3 hours for Phishing, Malware and Spam attacks on your domain. 
  • There is no additional cost or fee for this service.

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