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Blogging Can Improve Search Ranking

I don’t want to go on and on about the value of blogging and how it can impact your search rankings.  That should be something you already know especially if you’re reading this.  I do want to briefly share that in my blogging, since I’ve updated this website to include Social Sharing tools, that my rankings and index turn around time has greatly improved.

It’s only been since early this year that I implemented the social share toolbar and Facebook comments plugin to my php for the website.  This allows myself and my visitors to share the content I post.  In turn I’ve noticed that when I blog about something and I target a keyword specifically, use in in the image alt tag, share it on Facebook and comment using the plugin, Google et al indexes the post almost immediately and within 48 hours my post is top of search!

Blogging improves your search rankings

I noticed this when traffic picked up for a few keywords this month.  Here are the last few posts and  the rankings.

Now if you’re interested in learning more please feel free to conduct your own Google Search :)


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