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Buildings in Lexington, Kentucky - old and new.

Website Design Services

Serving Lexington-Fayette County, Kentucky and the US Every small / medium business and organization should have a website as the basis of their web presence.  We are located in downtown Lexington, KY. but we work with businesses from around  the country. Websites Websites Websites & More If you’re looking for a professional website design that captures the imagination and is sure to generate revenue, Emajen Web Services has you covered. Emajen is based out of Lexington, Ky. We service all …

Morning Web

Blogging Can Improve Search Ranking

I don’t want to go on and on about the value of blogging and how it can impact your search rankings.  That should be something you already know especially if you’re reading this.  I do want to briefly share that in my blogging, since I’ve updated this website to include Social Sharing tools, that my rankings and index turn around time has greatly improved. It’s only been since early this year that I implemented the social share toolbar and Facebook …

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Google & Linkbuilding

Google’s relationship with links has changed over the last 15 years – it started out as a love affair but nowadays the Facebook status would probably read: “It’s Complicated”. I think Google are beginning to suffer from trust issues, brought about by well over a decade of the SEO community manipulating the link graph. Are links less important than they were? Back in the early days Google treated all links as being equal. A link in the footer was as …


Learn more about the Internet Censorship Bills (SOPA/PIPA)

1. Watch and then share this video Embed this video Download in the WebM format 2. Learn about the protests against SOPA Infographic: the American Censorship Day protests, in numbers and screenshots Full list of Participating Sites 3. Read what the experts have to say in the quotes below 4. Read these articles House takes Senate’s bad Internet censorship bill, tries making it worse Protect The Internet SOPA: Hollywood Finally Gets A Chance to Break the Internet SOPA on OpenCongress …


Keeping Personal “Profile Pages” Separate from Business “Fan Pages”

Great insight on how to use the upgraded and updated Fanpage offered by Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/help/?topic=upgradedpages Just a few examples: To use Facebook as the Page you admin: Expand the Account drop-down menu located at the top right corner of Facebook. Select “Use Facebook as Page.” Click the “Switch” button next to the Page you’d like to log in as. All actions that you take while using Facebook as your Page will appear on Facebook as coming from your Page. For …

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10 Usefull Ways to Use Facebook as a Promotional Marketing Tool

There are  various social media networks that your business can participate in today, every one has it’s own pros and cons. The best way to choose which network to participate in is to look at the people that hang out there.

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