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Flying Geese

Server Migration

I have some exciting news.  As an ongoing task to keep up with our growing server’s we are upgrading all our clients to a new server. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Over the next 30 days your website may experience minimal downtime.  We will refund you for any down-time.
  • We are batching the process however each account will not be moved at the same time.  We have 5 servers currently so we’ll move them one by one.
  • If your domain is not managed by Emajen please contact me ASAP…  We will need to access your registrar and re-set your DNS.
  • Your email clients, Outlook, Mail etc will need to be reconfigured.  We will assist in this task.
  • If you are more than 30 days past due on your hosting, your account may be suspended.


Why are we migrating?

We’re out-growing our current provider.  We are in need of a dedicated environment to offer automation, billing, and support for hosting.  We also want to offer our clients admin access to server utilities.  For our clients who have several email accounts, domain names, web property – this will allow them to manage everything themselves.  Clients with this special need can request their account be given this access.

What else is going on?

  • Most websites require a javascript library to add interactive elements and sliders.  In the past these library’s would be installed on the server where the website is. Due to increased concerns with security and vulnerabilities when these library’s become outdated we’ve migrated to a CDN (content delivery network).  All our websites java library’s will be updated to the CDN version running from the Google API with this migration.  This update comes about 6 months after our last security upgrade. 
  • We’ll be sending our annual email out soon!  Keep an eye out as we have many other exciting things going on.

In a continued effort to provide support to all our clients we must expand our resources.  Will we ever move again?  I hope so!  If we have to go through this again, it won’t be for a few years.  It means we’re growing!

If you have any concerns about how this will affect your service please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Flying Geese by Jiri Hodan

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