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Web Hosting Talk – Shared vs Dedciated IP

Often clients turn to me for managing the web services required to host a website and email.  Providing the best solution for their business is always my goal.  Emajen uses both Shared and Dedicated IP addresses for web and email.  I hope to outline the differences between the two and share a little about the hosting services we offer. An IP address is similar to a physical address. Your “technical email identity” is defined by the IP address you are …

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10 Usefull Ways to Use Facebook as a Promotional Marketing Tool

There are  various social media networks that your business can participate in today, every one has it’s own pros and cons. The best way to choose which network to participate in is to look at the people that hang out there.

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We are not a profit driven company…

Emajen isn’t profit driven, we are a solutions driven company – 110% – for our clients.
After all, for our clients, the buck stops here.

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Web Server Outtage

Do you know who would need to be contacted if your website (server) goes nuts? We will release an update on upcoming events and try to keep you informed on whats up in the world of our digital move and shake.

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