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American Greenback

We are not a profit driven company…

Emajen, LLC has been working closely with financial advisers, a veteran tax attorney and various “wise” mentors who have helped in building a sustainable business model.  I feel we are getting close to developing the necessary means required to set into effect our model for profit.  It’s funny because, this is a very small time operation, I don’t mind.

This is HUGE!  It isn’t time to think small, so here I am pointing out the obvious – there are no profits, for a while.  Actually, by the plan for Emajen, it will take around 7 – 10 years to really start cutting “profit” checks to employees etc.

Emajen isn’t profit driven, we are a solutions driven company – 110% – for our clients.

After all, for our clients, the buck stops here.

American Greenback by Steve Linster

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