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We Made It! Emajen turns 1 year old.

Thank you for your business!

Kicking off year two is an awesome experience.  Building a client base and working closely with business folk to provide web services has been very rewarding.  There is much more to show for the experience in our hearts than in our banks accounts.   We are thankful for our loyal clients who have brought us this far.

Emajen was a concept in the owners mind long before it became a reality.  This is how having dreams can set you in the right direction.  We have a hard path ahead just as our path has been difficult this far.  Many more obstacles will come however we want to celebrate our success today, fueling our hopes for tomorrow.

Applying a creative mind to the web isn’t the hard part.  Making a living being creative with developing web media, sites, social presence and deploying search marketing campaigns aren’t even the most difficult part…  Having to learn the in-and-outs of running a business competitively while feeding those who rely on work from you; that is the turn key event to making Emajen work.  Balancing all of this is the hardest part!

The Principle Owner and Lead Project Manager, Jarod Thornton, was awarded the 2009-2010 Silver Addy Award from the Lexington Advertising Club for a website he designed while working alongside Dustin Wunderlich from Green Thumb Marketing.  The award is a milestone for having the creative application to develop interactive web media.  The following year Emajen was formed.

2009-2010 Silver Addy Award

Web Based Marketing for Local Businesses

Emajen carried over many of the products and services offered by Green Thumb Marketing as a part of the separation agreement.  Since our inception we have worked diligently to refine these.  Our project managers and contractors are all in-house.  Our third-party vendors are all outstanding partners who offer us the support to effectively manage everything from building a web site, to creating a presence on the search engines, local search directories and social media.  All this and we don’t gouge our prices to use our knowledge for your business.

Websites are a commodity however the marketability is an amazing advertising medium.  Emajen strives to offer services to enhance your presence, creating a consistent web presence and continuity for your content.   We realize a website or application only does a company good if it drives new business.  Without web presence the most amazing website will only have direct traffic, or in other words traffic from people who you told to visit, or from a business card etc.  Having thorough information available for prospective clients at the end of their fingertips and qwerty boards regardless of how they search – that is the primary drive behind Emajen.

Project Development to Meet Your Needs

One of the most common topics we discuss is e-commerce.  Many small businesses do not have the ability to setup a payment processor.  During our first year we were awarded several projects with unique needs for collecting money online.  Our solutions are scaled for our clients.  Donation forms, subscription payment systems, basic and advanced shopping cart and invoicing systems using Paypal, Authorize.net and other payment gateways.

We are very proud to have worked so closely with Dylan Marsh, our Senior Developer, on several of these applications.  Having the right help to complete the big hairy projects is only half the deal, the help has to be around to finish the project.  Trust is the game here and it’s a great feeling to trust the folks you work next to.  One of our talented Graphic Designers, Tara Vollman has also had a fair share of work and handled all of it wonderfully.  Happy clients are the most important thing to us.

We also welcomed Serena Randolph, a Project Manager, Graphic Designer and Jr. Developer.  She has already tackled two awesome projects using WordPress and Joomla! and stands to have the creative mind and application Emajen thrives on.  Our second year will be great because we have such awesome people with us.

Thank You Lexington and Greater Kentucky

If it were not for our local and state government business might not be possible as it is.

Most of all, Thank You to Our Clients!

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