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Web Hosting Talk – Shared vs Dedciated IP

Often clients turn to me for managing the web services required to host a website and email.  Providing the best solution for their business is always my goal.  Emajen uses both Shared and Dedicated IP addresses for web and email.  I hope to outline the differences between the two and share a little about the hosting services we offer.

An IP address is similar to a physical address. Your “technical email identity” is defined by the IP address you are sending email to in addition to the domain you are sending email from. When an Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, Windstream, Insight, QX or any other ISP sees email being sent from your IP address and your domain, they use this to identify where the email is coming from and as a reputation component to determine if you are a reputable sender.

Typically we use a shared IP address with a few hundred sites sharing the same IP. This IP and all websites / email are constantly monitored to watch for suspicious activity on the servers. As long as we keep a tight handle on these servers your Shared IP will have no problems, from our end. Often times clients will experience issues with their email client such as Outlook, Mac Mail etc. This end user problem can usually be corrected from the client side. We include support for these clients as far as troubleshooting connections etc, to help improve the email delivery.

The shared IP works best in most situations because of lower costs and since you are sharing the volume and consistent sending patterns with other customers on the same IP address, you can leverage the reputation that has been previously developed on these IP addresses. You will not need to go through the IP address “warm up period” required for new dedicated IP addresses. If your volume is less than 50MM a year and the volume of your email addresses are less than 500K a week, your ESP might recommend a shared IP address.

Dedicated IP addresses are useful for many situations. However you will be responsible for and be able to control your own reputation, as opposed to “sharing” your reputation with other customers. If your volume is a minimum of 50MM per year and you have a consistent sending volume with at least 500K per week, then it makes sense for you to be on your own IP address. Please note that if you do have a dedicated IP address, the ISPs require you to go through an initial “warm-up” period of 6-8 weeks. The goal of “IP warming” is to establish a reputation as a legitimate email sender in the eyes of ISPs.

Dedicated and shared IP addresses are both good options, but you need to consider the above points when deciding which approach suits your specific needs.

Emajen can partner with you to help provide a recommendation. Your choice may evolve over time: you might start sending from a shared IP address and then move to a dedicated IP address if your growth and sending patterns warrant it. No matter which option you choose, remember that healthy sending, careful email address acquisition and hygiene, and opt-in practices are imperative.

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