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What Is A Hacker & Why They Hack

There are several definitions for “Hacker” however the type of hacker I am talking about here is out to do no good. In simple terms a hacker hacks a website so as a hobby or for fun to prove they can and deface a web page. However, more specifically many hackers are out to break in to a website and steal data. What kind of data? You hear about it in the news all the times these days. Everything from financial institutions, schools, government agencies and business websites as well as smaller personal websites are targeted for hacking. When a hacker successfully gets into a site he or she can do a lot of things to infect your personal computer with a virus or worse yet install malware and capture your passwords etc. When you visit an infected website you run the risk of having personal information stolen or compromised.

Hackers are the worst. They are in it to win it. Most times they have the most sophisticated bots at their disposal to scan for ways to breach your website or server; once they gain access to your site, they can do all kinds of things to change your website into a spam/bad-neighborhood type of site.

Sometimes even, they use a technology called cloaking, where it will load the site normally when you look at it, but will generate a completely different view for search engines etc. This type of an attack can be something irreversible. Even if you are able to restore the database and pages back to their original, unedited state, the repercussions associated with being black listed by search engines can make it pointless to try.

Here are some other reasons hackers hack >>>

The term “Hacking” means finding out weaknesses in a computer system or network (like a website on a server), and exploiting them. A computer hacker (or “cracker” – a criminal hacker) is someone who employs various techniques to discover weaknesses in the computer and exploits them. The reasons why Hackers hack can be motivated by different agendas, such as malicious intent, for the challenge, or for profit. Whatever their motivations, they are a chronic pain the butt and website owners must be constantly on guard or run the risk of their sites going down, and experience loss to their business and/or business reputation.

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Even the big websites get hacked!


Breaking, the NBC site is currently compromised and blacklisted by Google. Anyone that visits the site (which includes any sub page) will have malicious iframes loaded as well redirecting the user to exploit kits (Redkit):

*Update: Not only NBC.com, but many other NBC sites, including Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Jay Lenos garage and others. (february 21, 2013 by tony perez)

Here’s a screenshot of the remote scan performed by Sucuri Security (our current security partner)

Often you will encounter something like this when visiting an infected website:

My goal in providing a secure hosting environment is to keep hackers out.  Recently an audit revealed our servers were being targeted by a hacker group, possibly more than one.  No reason other than what has been mentioned above.  We’ve managed to keep everything clean but it’s been a hardship on business as it takes time to undo what they have attempted to do.

The hackers targeting my client websites are from China, Spain, United Kingdom, United States (Los Angeles, CA), Republic of Korea, India.  I am working tirelessly to increase security and upgrade clients to a more secure environment using WordPress Multi-site and Sucuri security along with the amazing administrators at Site5.

Pesky hackers…

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