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We try to keep our blog updated and fresh. Our posts included everything from website design entries to updates about Wordpress security. We hope you the find content valuable and the entries useful. If you see any errors in what we've written or the information provided, please don't hesitate to contact us. As always, please share with your friends and associates!

Buildings in Lexington, Kentucky - old and new.

Website Design Services

Serving Lexington-Fayette County, Kentucky and the US Every small / medium business and organization should have a website as the basis of their web presence.  We are located in downtown Lexington, KY. but we work with businesses from around  the country. Websites Websites Websites & More If you’re looking for a professional website design that captures the imagination and is sure to generate revenue, Emajen Web Services has you covered. Emajen is based out of Lexington, Ky. We service all …

Morning Web

Blogging Can Improve Search Ranking

I don’t want to go on and on about the value of blogging and how it can impact your search rankings.  That should be something you already know especially if you’re reading this.  I do want to briefly share that in my blogging, since I’ve updated this website to include Social Sharing tools, that my rankings and index turn around time has greatly improved. It’s only been since early this year that I implemented the social share toolbar and Facebook …

snarl at doing_wp_cron

WordPress URL doing_wp_cron Removal

Why does ?doing_wp_cron=*** show in my WordPress URL? There are a number of plugins and themes that append this to your URL. I believe it is typically used to perform a background process (like scheduled posts).  Wordpress redirects to the URL with ?doing_wp_cron appended. One such plugin, BackupBuddy, uses this to schedule tasks as a part of the backup procedure. I don’t pretend to completely understand why it appends when visitors hit the site but it has something to do …

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Using Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an email validation system designed to prevent email spam by detecting email spoofing, a common vulnerability, by verifying sender IP addresses. SPF allows administrators to specify which hosts are allowed to send mail from a given domain by creating a specific SPF record (or TXT record) in the Domain Name System (DNS). Mail exchangers use the DNS to check that mail from a given domain is being sent by a host sanctioned by that domain’s …


Weak Passwords on Email Accounts

Having strong passwords on email addresses is vital to the security of your hosting account. I have been receiving customer support requests from both clients on my server and on other service provider server i.e. Godaddy, Bluehost et al.  The email addresses on their accounts are being compromised due to weak passwords.  As a result we have been working to clean these accounts up and ensure this is no longer a problem.  One of the steps we are taking is …

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WordPress Security Monitoring

We recently share information about hackers.  If you didn’t catch it take a look here >>> What Is A Hacker & Why They Hack As an ongoing security measure we are improving our web server and the way we monitor in real-time.  Nearly all our websites have been migrated into our WordPress network and are actively monitored using the latest security tools available from our security partner, Sucuri.  Below are listed the new features we’ve setup and enabled to protect our …

Hacker Wallpaper By Vanilla23 Dot254

What Is A Hacker & Why They Hack

There are several definitions for “Hacker” however the type of hacker I am talking about here is out to do no good. In simple terms a hacker hacks a website so as a hobby or for fun to prove they can and deface a web page. However, more specifically many hackers are out to break in to a website and steal data. What kind of data? You hear about it in the news all the times these days. Everything from …

Light Poles

WordPress Network gets Mobile Site

Today we are working on rolling out new features for the iemajen.com network of sites; the network our client sites reside. Included in the roll-out is a new mobile plugin that automatically transforms your website into an application-like theme, complete with ajax loading articles and effects when viewed from the most popular mobile web browsing devices like the iPhone, iPod touch, Android mobile devices, Palm Pre/Pixi and BlackBerry OS6 mobile devices. The theme also includes the ability for visitors to …

Web Hosting Network

Web Hosting Talk – Shared vs Dedciated IP

Often clients turn to me for managing the web services required to host a website and email.  Providing the best solution for their business is always my goal.  Emajen uses both Shared and Dedicated IP addresses for web and email.  I hope to outline the differences between the two and share a little about the hosting services we offer. An IP address is similar to a physical address. Your “technical email identity” is defined by the IP address you are …

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Google & Linkbuilding

Google’s relationship with links has changed over the last 15 years – it started out as a love affair but nowadays the Facebook status would probably read: “It’s Complicated”. I think Google are beginning to suffer from trust issues, brought about by well over a decade of the SEO community manipulating the link graph. Are links less important than they were? Back in the early days Google treated all links as being equal. A link in the footer was as …

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Retail Payment Solutions

Switch or get started today with our Capital Merchant Solutions Credit & Debit Card Processing, Ecommerce Solutions, Giftcard & Check Services, and Merchant Cash Advance. We offer the most popular online payment gateways such as Authorize.net and DowCommerce with No Setup Fee! Integrate with your website or use the Virtual Terminal to process credit cards. Mobile Merchants, Taxis, Limos, Delivery Drivers, Plumbing, Electricians, etc. How about a Free Wireless Terminal that allows you to take payments remotely? Turn your smart …


How Search Engines Work

Internet search engines are special sites on the Web that are designed to help people find information stored on other sites. There are differences in the ways various search engines work, but they all perform three basic tasks: A top search engine will index hundreds of millions of pages, and respond to tens of millions of queries per day. In this article, we’ll tell you how these major tasks are performed, and how Internet search engines put the pieces together …

Kentucky Wins Crop

Congrats Wildcats | NCAA Championship

Despite a rough shooting night by the best of Kentucky’s talented freshmen, Anthony Davis, the Wildcats defeated Kansas 67-59 on Monday night to win their eighth national title, and first since 1998. Read more: http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/sports/2012/04/03/kentucky-wildcats-wins-ncaa-national-championship/#ixzz1r038H3r3

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New Emajen.com

Hello, faithful Emajen followers. A quick note letting you know we’ve updated our website … more reason to visit again, and again … and again! emajen.com is quickly becoming a go-to resource for web development and, specifically, a customer support and account portal. What are some of the updates we’ve made to make the site more valuable? Our blog has substantial updates to the look and feel We’ve added our billing and support portal WHMCS You can register and manage …

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Emajen Turns Two Years Old

In this issue: What’s New Service Updates* Moving Forward *Note to clients; please review our service updates. Partnerships & Strategic Alliances Cloud i9, New Media Architects Last year Ben Kuchera and I started working together on projects with an emphasis on video. His company Cloud i9 and Emajen are producing high quality video material for our clients. As a part of this service we’re using Youtube, integrating video into our client website then syndicating to popular networks based on our …

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Server Migration

I have some exciting news.  As an ongoing task to keep up with our growing server’s we are upgrading all our clients to a new server. Here’s what you can expect: Over the next 30 days your website may experience minimal downtime.  We will refund you for any down-time. We are batching the process however each account will not be moved at the same time.  We have 5 servers currently so we’ll move them one by one. If your domain …

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History of the Internet

A few milestones of the Internet we know and enjoy today: 1836 — Telegraph. Cooke and Wheatstone patent it. The Atlantic cable of 1858 was established to carry instantaneous communications across the ocean for the first time. 1876 — Telephone. Alexander Graham Bell Exhibits. 1957 – October 4th – the USSR launches Sputnik, the first artificial earth satellite In 1962, Dr. J.C.R. Licklider was chosen to head ARPA’s research in improving the military’s use of computer technology. Licklider was a …


Learn more about the Internet Censorship Bills (SOPA/PIPA)

1. Watch and then share this video Embed this video Download in the WebM format 2. Learn about the protests against SOPA Infographic: the American Censorship Day protests, in numbers and screenshots Full list of Participating Sites 3. Read what the experts have to say in the quotes below 4. Read these articles House takes Senate’s bad Internet censorship bill, tries making it worse Protect The Internet SOPA: Hollywood Finally Gets A Chance to Break the Internet SOPA on OpenCongress …


2011 Security Update

As we get larger and our servers grow, our public IP addresses which serve your domain and website become more visible to the likes of pesky hackers. Updating all our software, plugins, extensions, and cleaning the infected files on each server with an upgrade to daily, active scanning of all properties is our response to the problem.


We Made It! Emajen turns 1 year old.

Thank you for your business! Kicking off year two is an awesome experience.  Building a client base and working closely with business folk to provide web services has been very rewarding.  There is much more to show for the experience in our hearts than in our banks accounts.   We are thankful for our loyal clients who have brought us this far. Emajen was a concept in the owners mind long before it became a reality.  This is how having dreams …


What Business Owners Should Know About Website Statistics

It’s important to track and record statistics on a regular basis and not get lost in the sea of numbers. What are the most important? Read on… Visitors (new and return). This is the number of people who have come to your website for the first time or who are coming back for a second time. This is important, because this is the size of the pool of people from which you are trying to get leads. The bigger the …


Google Places – Local Search for Small Business

Local Search with Emajen – Your Business Found in the Search. Learn more about our Local Search services. Here’s what others are saying about Google Places…


Keeping Personal “Profile Pages” Separate from Business “Fan Pages”

Great insight on how to use the upgraded and updated Fanpage offered by Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/help/?topic=upgradedpages Just a few examples: To use Facebook as the Page you admin: Expand the Account drop-down menu located at the top right corner of Facebook. Select “Use Facebook as Page.” Click the “Switch” button next to the Page you’d like to log in as. All actions that you take while using Facebook as your Page will appear on Facebook as coming from your Page. For …


Google Adjusts Search Engine

Technology Seeking to Weed Out Drivel, Google Adjusts Search Engine By CLAIRE CAIN MILLER Published: February 25, 2011 Google’s change is a tacit acknowledgment that an industry devoted to gaming search results had increasingly managed to pollute the search engine by pushing less relevant sites higher. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/26/technology/internet/26google.html


Putting our best ideas to work.

I’ve always studied my competitors, not so much to see what they are doing in our market, but to see how they are doing it.  How do my competitors develop the products they sell?

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10 Usefull Ways to Use Facebook as a Promotional Marketing Tool

There are  various social media networks that your business can participate in today, every one has it’s own pros and cons. The best way to choose which network to participate in is to look at the people that hang out there.

American Greenback

We are not a profit driven company…

Emajen isn’t profit driven, we are a solutions driven company – 110% – for our clients.
After all, for our clients, the buck stops here.

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Web Server Outtage

Do you know who would need to be contacted if your website (server) goes nuts? We will release an update on upcoming events and try to keep you informed on whats up in the world of our digital move and shake.

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